is for construction photos. It’s a construction photography and construction progress photography hosting website where users can upload progress photos documenting the jobsite progress. Construction Photos are sorted by week and by location. Construction Photographers, Owners, general contractors, project managers, investors, bankers, subcontractors, and many other can login to view their construction photos. The Weekly Viewer sorts construction photos taken each week and provides quick jobsite updates and tours. The Time Lapse Viewer sorts construction photos taken from the same location in chronological order. This allows users to use construction photos to track construction progress using construction photo documentation of as-built schedule and construction photo documentation of the critical path, to document construction delays. The service provides updates to everyone on the construction project using the construction photos that construction photographers are taking on the construction sites. JobSiteVisitor allows photographers, construction workers and others to visit their construction Projects using construction photos from the construction projects so they don’t have to go the construction project to get construction progress updates. Viewing construction photos and construction photography on JobSiteVisitor makes it easy to get construction updates documenting the construction progress. JobSiteVisitor’s construction progress photo documentation and management will track the as-built schedule against the projects Base Line Schedule. JobsiteVisitor provide great archival of construction photos and construction progress photos. JobSiteVisitor is designed to manage construction photos and construction progress photos for any size project from commercial construction, residential construction and remodel construction. Construction photographers and people taking construction photos will find it to be a great tool to manage construction photos because it, archive, organize and sort the construction progress photos they are already being taken on the construction project. JobsiteVisitor is a great solution for construction projects that want to track construction progress using the construction photos that a construction photographer is taking on the construction project.